About the event

The Australian Cavy Sanctuary ‘PIGNIC IN THE PARK’ is a unique major animal awareness, educational and fundraising event. The event is coming up to its fourth year running and each year the event has grown with more stallholders attending and a larger response overall from the public and the media.

The event aims to bring together organisations and businesses which promote and support animal welfare and animal education in relation to all aspects of animal care from companion pets to current animal related issues within Australia. The event also promotes healthy and environmentally friendly natural and new innovative animal feeds and products. We encourage and invite organisations and businesses to join together for this fantastic one of a kind annual event. The event will be heavily advertised through the media in the coming weeks and early response will see your organisation promoted on all event leaflets/banners.

The event is also a fun filled family day out. For the kids there are always lots of educational games, Jumping castle and other animal related competitions running throughout the day including the two highlights of the day, the guinea pig food eating competition and the traditional massive guinea pig ‘PIGNIC’ held on the park grounds throughout the day whereby 100’s of guinea pigs happily picnic on the grounds alongside their families.

The event also aims to raise much needed funds for the Australian Cavy Sanctuary. ACS is a completely non profit and non funded small animal rescue organisation catering for rabbits and guinea pigs. Each year 1000’s of small pets find their way into the Australian Cavy Sanctuary’s care. The ongoing costs of running the organisation include medical and vet bills, general care and feed bills and other funds which may be spent on awareness and educational displays and events.

Promotion of the event

The event will be promoted through the use of radio, television, local newspapers and leaflet drops to local schools, vets, animal product stores, produce stores, local libraries, and shopping centres.

We encourage stallholders attending the event to help promote the event through your newsletters, e-mail, and word of mouth. ACS is able to supply your organisation with full colour A3 posters or A5 leaflets. Please contact us if you wish to have posters mailed to you and how many you require.

Animals at the event

Animals are welcome at the event however, if you wish to bring animals with you, we request they be well controlled at all times either in appropriate enclosures or on a leash. 100’s of guinea pigs may be present on park grounds picniccing with their families. To control the safety of all animals on the day we have two completely separate designated areas between Pigniccers and stallholders. Security staff will be there on the day to monitor the animals and people.

Selling of animals is strictly not permitted at this event.

Stallholder Fees

Due to a rise in overall costs of hosting the event and in order to increase public attendance, small fees may apply to some stallholders wishing to attend this years PIGNIC IN THE PARK. Please see options below. Stall fees to be paid prior to the event via cash, cheque, money order or bank deposit (Please contact Jessica for payment details). Stall fees can also be accepted on the morning of the event by cash, cheque or money order. A receipt will be given upon request.

Free: Not-for-profit organisations

$30.00:  For businesses selling products for profit


Percentage of profits made on the day: For businesses and stallholders selling products you may alternatively offer to donate a small percentage of profits made on the day and the stallholder site fee will be waived.

Stallholder Sites, Setup and Pull down

This year ACS is unable to provide marquee hire to stallholders so you will need to bring your own or hold a stall without a marquee on the day. A stall site in full shade can be reserved for those without marquees. Please note that the park does not allow the use of marquee/tent pegs into the ground. Please contact Jessica if you need a marquee for the event and you will be sent a list of places that loan out marquees for free and for hire.

Stallholders are welcome to use anywhere between 3 metres to 8 metres space for sites and will be designated an appropriate site spot for the day prior to the event. Stallholders are shown where their site will be on the day by approaching Jessica (event organiser) when they arrive for setup on the morning of the event.

Setup for stallholders on the day can begin anywhere from 7:30am – 9:30am. We advise stallholders to arrive bright and early for setup although we always have pre allocated areas for everyone.

Pull down is promptly at 3:00pm.


Power is available on the day by use of generators. Stallholders needing power must contact the ACS several weeks prior to the event with details of what you require.

Stage and the Band

Band will be playing on their stage throughout the day. If you would like to use the bands stage for a demonstration, raffle or speech, please contact us several weeks prior to the event to book a space and time. We encourage stallholders to make use of the stage.

Car Parking

Teralba Park has ample parking for all stallholders directly beside the area that the event will be held. If you need access to ENTER the actual park with a vehicle in order to set up, we have vehicle access permission and a key available. The gates to the park will be open during setup and pull down only. Vehicles are only permitted on the park grounds for setup before the event begins and for pack up, so your vehicle must be removed from park grounds by 10.00am.

In past years a couple of stallholders have run their stalls from their vehicles. Please let Jessica know prior to the event if you will need your vehicle on site in order to run your stall.


The ACS will not be covered for the liability of stallholders, and we recommend that all organisations attending have their own public liability coverage for the event. If not, by attending the event you are accepting the condition that you will not be covered and that the ACS will not be held liable for any damages to property, losses or loss of income on the day.

Park Information

Teralba Park is a very popular place for families, events and group gatherings. The picturesque park hosts toilet facilities, treed BBQ areas (the park is well shaded), drinking fountains, and a fantastic playground for the kids.

Park Conditions

1.       Any tents or marquees erected must be of the free standing type. No pegs are to be driven into the park surface.

2.       No confetti, rice or streamers (other than paper streamers) are permitted on park grounds.

3.       Consumption of alcohol is not permitted.

4.       No posters, boards or likewise are to be affixed to any structures or trees within the park.

The Australian Cavy Sanctuary would like to thank all stallholders and organisations who have accepted our invitation to attend this year’s PIGNIC IN THE PARK. Your support is greatly appreciated.