Teralba park has many trees that visitors will be able to utilise for shade. The Australian Cavy Sanctuary this year will also be providing 2 large marquees covering an area of approx 12m x 6m for the public to use as they wish. We advise that if you have your own shade umbrella, gazebo or cover of some sort, that it would be worth bringing with you in case you wish to use it.

What to Bring checklist!

  • A playpen or cage for your guinea pigs. (optional lock or lid for your cage for extra protection)
  • Picnic Blanket and/or Chairs
  • Spare blanket or tarp (in case of rain or in the case your guinea pig enclosure needs more shade)
  • Umbrella or Pop-up shade tent (in the case of rain or heat
  • Your guinea pigs
  • Decorations for your guinea pig play pen
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Food and water for your guinea pigs (cold water can be purchased on the day if needed)
  • Your family and a smile!