The health of your guinea pig

We request that all guinea pigs attending the Pignic be in good health and be mite and fungal treated prior to the event for the safety of your guinea pig and others attending the event. Please do not bring your guinea pig to the event if they have one of these conditions or are unwell or if you have had viral conditions pass through your guinea pigs as these conditions are highly contagious to other guinea pigs via hair follicles, placing your guinea pigs near other healthy guinea pigs, by air and by handling and then touching healthy guinea pigs.

For details on how to mite/fungal treat and for pictures of these conditions please visit the following web link:

Tip! The quickest way to internal and external mite treat your guinea pig is to buy a pack of REVOLUTION for puppies and kittens from your local pet supply store, vet or online on Ebay. Just place 3 drops (for adult guinea pigs or 1-2 drops for guinea pigs under 6mths) from a tube onto the top skin of the ear of your guinea pig and this will absorb instantly and treat for all types of mites. You can repeat every 5mths or as needed down the track by keeping the other tubes from the pack. One tube from a pack of three should treat up to 3-4 guinea pigs.

Guinea pig safety

When at the event:

  • Always remember to ask other guinea pig owners first before touching any guinea pigs that are not your own. Parents are responsible for speaking to their own children in regards to this.
  • We recommend washing your hands in between handling your guinea pigs and another persons or bringing along hand sterilising gel
  • We recommend NOT putting your guinea pigs in a playpen with another persons guinea pigs particularly if the other persons guinea pigs are male guinea pigs or in an already established pair or group. At the ACS shelters we take great time in pairing/grouping guinea pigs as guinea pigs have a natural order in their group and individual personalities that may be dominant, submissive or agressive and may or may not accept another unknown friend. Male guinea pigs may become aggressive towards other unknown males if placed in a playpen with them or may even react towards their own friend if another unknown male is placed with them at the event. Female guinea pigs can also express dominance.
  • You may wish to bring your own lock or cable ties or a lid for your guinea pig cage if concerned about unwanted handling of your guinea pigs on the day.
  • Make sure that your guinea pig has water available at all times throughout the day.
  • Make sure that your guinea pig has shelter from the sun at all times. If need be bring an umbrella, blanket or pop up tent to place over the playpen.
  • Please do not leave your guinea pigs unattended or if you need to, to make sure someone is their to watch them.
  • Leads – we would prefer that members of the public do not use guinea pig leads on the day as although you may use a lead responsibly, others may not. If you must bring this item along to use on the day please make sure that your guinea pig is monitored well, that children are not left alone with a guinea pig on a lead, that the lead is comfortably placed on the guinea pig and that the guinea pig is not stressed by wearing/using it.
    NOTE – At a previous Pignic ACS staff witnessed an unmonitored group of children dragging their pet guinea pigs along the grounds and the animals clearly became distraught and stressed and almost injured. The family were asked to leave the event after parents were approached and nothing was done about the situation. We will not hesitate to remove leads from individuals if they are used inappropriately and we will not hesitate to ask a family to leave the event if we see guinea pigs being cruelly and irresponsibly treated.

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