The ACS ‘Pignic in the Park’ is a fun filled day out for the whole family. The purpose of the event is to raise small animal awareness and also much needed funds for ACS the non profit organisation . ACS ‘Pignic in the Park’ is an educational day where the Australian Cavy Sanctuary and many other organisations and businesses come together to share recommended environmentally friendly products and to raise awareness of current animal issues within Australia.

For the kids there are always lots of educational games, rides and other fun-filled animal related competitions running throughout the day and it must not be forgotten that the highlight of the day is the great guinea pig food eating competition!

In 2007, the ACS hosted our very first Pignic and we had a fantastic response from the public, stallholders and the media. The event is now held annually.

The PIGNIC IN THE PARK is a unique one of a kind event that is definitely not to be missed!

Where did the event name derive?

‘Pignics’ originate in the UK and are held by guinea pig rescue organisations.

A ‘Pignic’ itself is generally known as a casual gathering of guinea pig enthusiasts and is usually held in a park or reserve. Pignics are a fantastic opportunity to meet others passionate about small animals. Pignics also are a chance to socialise in an atmosphere comfortable for the animals. Pignics can be small or large-scale and plans for the day can include arranged fun games, selling of guinea pig products, and of course the good old BBQ never goes astray! Pignics are both enjoyable for people and their pets with the guinea pigs usually free roaming in large playpens on the grass while enjoying their own Pignic snacks at the same time. To read more about Pignics please visit