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The ACS Pignic in the Park is a fun filled day out for the whole family. The purpose of the event is to raise small animal awareness and also much needed funds for ACS the non profit organisation . ACS Pignic in the Park is also an educational day where the Australian Cavy Sanctuary and many other organisations and businesses come together to share environmentally friendly products and to raise awareness of current animal issues within Australia.

For the kids there are always lots of educational games, rides and fun-filled competitions running throughout the day and it must not be forgotten that the highlight of the day is the great guinea pig food eating competition!

The Pignic in the park is a unique one of a kind event that is definitely not to be missed!

Rain plan: In the case of rain, this page will be updated by 7:00am on the morning of the event with a cancellation notice. Please check this page on the day of the event if you are unsure as to whether the event has been cancelled.

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